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Strategic Consulting

Large hospital system in the southwest



Due to dramatic market changes, in Healthcare Reform, margins are at risk and new customer segments have to be reached.


Leadership has identified the Web as the tool to reach to new market segments.


We delivered a comprehensive Web Strategy aligned to the Business goals and priorities. Taking advantage of new technologies and customer preferences to capture a large portion of the market.
The strategy is a multi-phase approach that delivered immediate value to the customer who will continue to benefit over the next 3 years.
Along with the Strategic documentation, a Project Portfolio is delivered in order to translate the Strategy into workable action.

Business Process Optimization

Large hosting vendor of mission critical services


A large scale, complex hosting environment makes it difficult to share with customers the status of their services. The hosting vendors customer satisfaction has been in decline,  seriously impacting future business.


Working with the hosting company’s Leadership, we selected key customers to understand their priorities and needs.
We worked with their internal technical teams and management to understand the operational information available.


By using the company's current technology, we created the Customer Dashboard and process that delivers a monthly view of the key indicators, trends and performance of their hosted operation. As a result of this Dashboard, the Customer Satisfaction increased and the “informational” tickets opened on the Service Desk were dramatically reduced.

Best Practices

US Leader in software industry


The Information Technology team is scattered around the globe and all are needed to participate in a complex Change Control Process.
The process is manual, slow and cumbersome. Engineers spend nearly 15% of their time submitting and “chasing” changes to ensure that they are executed properly.
Customer communication is inconsistent and changes usually overrun the allocated time window, causing service disruption and unscheduled outages.


A reengineered business process was implemented to create a modern, global process that would accommodate for time zone differences, varying degree of skills and multiple approval levels.

We created an automated Global Change Control process following their Best Practices and adapted it to the specific customer requirements.
The new system processes an average of 1,000 changes monthly, with a change control window accuracy of 98%.

Cost Optimization

Global Hosting Vendor


Information Technology Experts are called in every time a problem is reported.
The troubleshooting process is very slow, as the team can solve only one problem at the time, thus increasing resolution time (and cost) for the customers.
Troubleshooting reveals many false-positives where the IT Experts are dispatched, resulting in problem misclassification and no intervention from the experts needed.
The cost of the IT experts moving from one location to another is very high, given that they may not be needed to solve the specific problem at hand.

Development of an automated solution that gathered information from the monitoring systems to eliminate possible root causes. The new system uses an automated workflow to make decisions as more information becomes available, and when needed, reaches out to the specific expert for action, instead of having to call the entire team of experts at the same time.

Dramatic reduction in false-positives, thus leaving highly specialized (and expensive) resources to focus on other critical Business activities.
Additionally, the new process allows the simultaneous resolution of multiple complex problems, dramatically reducing waiting times.

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