CTI Partners Consulting is a US based, premiere business process and technology consulting Firm with global reach.

Over 22 years ago, a group of Technology and Business executives got together with the idea of providing business solutions from people with real life expertise, not just academic.


This group of executives understood the value of consulting services from people like them: with the experience of being accountable for operations, management and P&L. They value the exchange of ideas and advice from someone who had been in their shoes. Making the difference in receiving services from a company who understands the business risks, financial impact, and operational options that represent a viable solution and a competitive advantage.


With this idea, CTI Partners Consulting was founded in 1998. Since then, it has provided services across multiple industries in America, Europe and Asia 

Our Values

Customer first

We are vendor agnostic. Customer satisfaction is our only goal. We won’t try to force fit products to the proposed solutions. We create solutions that are the best fit for our Customers: cultural, organizational, financial and technical

High value

All of our Consultants have documented proven experience in their fields. In addition to the academic degrees and certifications, they are successful professionals with a list of accomplishments that validates their mastery in execution, not only in conceptual understanding.

Right price

We scale according to the customer’s needs and scope. Our fees do not reflect large administrative overload, this is in the best interest of our customers, so they will receive a true and fair price for services.

Truly global

We are born global. CTI Partners Consulting values and understands the cultural differences in a global economy. Our Consultants come from a diverse cultural background. It is what makes us better and help us best serve our customers to articulate winning solutions.


Our Locations

North America

Tallahassee, FL

CTI Partners Headquarters

San Juan, PR

CTI Partners Headquarters


Trivandrum - INDIA

Hyderabad - INDIA